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ACM understands your need for a smooth trial experience.

This page is dedicated to providing you with a support resource for the SafeGuard Profiler® software, including answers to FAQs, downloadable instructions and access to our informed SafeGuard Profiler sales team.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A network installation allows for the sharing of databases with those coworkers or clients who are on the same network.

Yes. SafeGuard Profiler® can be installed on many computers, and the license is provided on a dongle that can be transferred between computers.

Yes. Safeguard Profiler® is compliant with IEC 61511, 61508, and ISA/ANSI 84.0. As well, SafeGuard Profiler is compliant with the Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) methodologies provided by the CCPS.

Yes. SafeGuard Profiler® imports HAZOP data through an industry-standard comma separated value (CSV) format, which is supported by both Microsoft Excel and the majority of HAZOP software.

No. For 30 days, trial participants will be able to do anything they could do in the full version of SafeGuard Profiler®.

Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016.

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ACM Facility Safety knows that participating in a free trial, without proper understanding, does nothing to promote the software’s competencies. That is why we recommend that new clients take advantage of our risk and obligation-free 30-day trial complete with expert training to ensure you get a comprehensive, user-friendly picture of all the advantages SafeGuard Profiler offers its users.