Expert consulting:

  • IEC / ISA Functional Safety
  • Process Safety Mgmt.
  • Risk Assessment
  • Lifecycle Management

Upgrade your skills:

  • TÜV Functional Safety
  • Lifecycle Experience
  • P&ID Interpretation

IEC compliant tool:

  • Import HAZOP
  • Perform LOPA
  • Calculate PFD
  • Verify SIF

Maintain Safeguard Integrity:

  • Risk Based Decisions
  • Lifecycle Asset Mgmt Tool
  • Monitor Layer of Protection
  • Safety Lifecycle Tool 

WHY ACM Facility SafetyTM?

Facilitated 1,000+ PHA/SIL studies, Trained 1,000+
workshop participants from across three continents, 100+ years PHA facilitation experience...> VIEW MORE


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ACM Overview

Find out what Profitable Safety can mean to you 

ACM Overview

ABOUT ACM Facility Safety™

ACM Facility SafetyTM is Canada’s largest independent supplier of Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), Safeguarding and Risk Assessment services. ACM Canada provides comprehensive Safety Lifecycle Services, helping some of the world’s largest operating and engineering companies become self-sufficient leaders in Functional Safety.  ACM Canada can implement strategies to avoid unscheduled downtime, manage risk through Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) using HAZOPs, SILs, LOPAs, and comply with international safety standards (e.g. IEC 61511). Our flexible services include site visits, training, mentoring, education, guidance, and on-line web-based training programs to support client facilities.

About ACM's World Class Safety Team

ACM Facility SafetyTM is a division of ACM Automation Inc.  Founded in 1994, ACM Canada has enjoyed continued growth and success, and has offices in Calgary, St. Johns Newfoundland and the United Arab Emirates. Our Facility Safety team includes a number of highly qualified and experienced consultants from academic, operational, design, and maintenance backgrounds who use proven tools (e.g. SafeGuard Profiler proprietary software) and techniques to provide fast responses to safety, risk and reliability issues.   

Independent Specialists in Integrated HAZOP & LOPA

ACM Facility SafetyTM is an independent third party.  We can provide neutral advice and implement detailed, practical solutions that can be maintained for years to come.  ACM Canada takes a leadership role in our clients' Safety Lifecycle projects, while transitioning them to a mentorship and consultative role over 6 – 24 months.  We have facilitated more than 500 Process Hazard Analysis and Safety Integrity Level studies, and have a combined PHA facilitation experience of over 100 years making us an industry-leading specialist in integrated HAZOP / LOPA.

Canada's Only TÜV - Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) Training Company

ACM Canada has trained over 1000 workshop participants from 3 continents, and offers public, on-site and in-house training programs tailored to our client’s individual needs.  The ACM Canada curriculum consists of eight Risk Assessment and Safeguarding courses lead by instructors with decades of combined real world experience. Our energetic and passionate team strives to create an atmosphere that makes upgrading skills a fun and memorable experience.

Real Time Risk Management with SafeGuard Sentinel

Developed by ACM Facility SafetyTM, SafeGuard Sentinel is an industry-leading software that allows companies to locate hidden dangers in their plants, in real time. SafeGuard Sentinel runs continuously, alerting you to Process Safety Risks and calculating risk level so you can understand the extent of the problem. SafeGuard Sentinel also creates contingency plans that can be implemented immediately to resolve issues and manage impact.

SafeGuard Sentinel tracks historical data, helping your company make effective plans for improvement facilitating successful training programs, preventing outages and loss of production.

Considering the financial impact of even a single accident, our revolutionary SafeGuard Sentinel can save your business thousands and even millions of dollars by allowing you to predict and prevent impending outages.

Read more benefits of the SafeGuard Sentinel 

ACM Facility SafetyTM - Leading The Safeguarding Evolution

At ACM Facility SafetyTM Canada, we place great importance on understanding our client’s objectives and identifying their needs. Through this collaborative exploration, we can allocate our resources in a manner most beneficial to our clients. Since ACM Canada provides our clients with the opportunity to get all their services from one organization, there is better project continuity and consistency, which ensures your systems are originally designed safe, and monitored to ensure industry compliance. We invite you to join ACM Facility SafetyTM Canada in leading the safeguarding evolution.


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