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ACM and Pure Integrity
Published November 08, 2015 by Dr. Khairil Osman, Fareed Ebrahim, Mohd Fasyan Mohd Sabri, Safirul Saharudin, Ir. Ammeran Mad, Johan Kamaruzzaman under Safeguard Profiler
A Bowtie is an effective tool in portraying complex, high-risk scenarios, performing hazard identification, and supporting Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) and Safety Integrated Level (SIL) studies...
ACM and SAIT Logo
Published January 13, 2015 under Safeguard Profiler

Calgary, AB, June 2014 - ACM Facility Safety™ is pleased to announce a partnership agreement focused on providing education and innovation through the donation of 25 SafeGuard Profiler software licenses for the next three years (valued at $200,000/year) to SAIT Polytechnic’s Instrumentation program. In addition to the licenses, ACM will provide training onsite or in-house along with technical support for SAIT’s instructors and IT personnel.


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Published January 05, 2015 under Safeguard Profiler
Find below a YouTube training series on ACM Safeguard Profiler Software, as well as LOPA and SIF information. Visit or Contact Us for more information!
Using Bowtie in LOPA
Published November 05, 2014 by Patrick Fisher under Safeguard Profiler

A Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) is a method of putting numbers to HAZOP data to determine if a system is safe, has too many alarms and trips, or requires a SIL rated system. Come and learn how ACM and SafeGuard Profiler can build a bowtie to compress HAZOP information and perform an analysis that will save you operating money and operator hassle.

Published April 11, 2014 under Safeguard Profiler

Major incidents in the chemical and process industry have resulted in companies adopting new strategies to incorporate the use of performance-based standards into their overall safety philosophy for dealing with risk reduction methods. 


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