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Design Safety Instrumented Functions

SafeGuard Profiler enables efficient design and validation of safety instrumented functions (SIF) to ensure the system meets defined requirements. The IEC 61511-ANSI/ISA 84.0 compliant calculation and modelling engine within SafeGuard Profiler reduces safety instrumented function or SIF design time by up to 50%. This translates to significant savings of both time and money, freeing up your team to take on additional challenges. Users can easily determine the best safety instrumented system architecture without a limit to the complexity of SIF configurations.

Optimize SIFs

Minimal effort is required to determine the optimal voting and test frequency of a Safety Instrumented Function (SIF). Voting structure changes are immediately visualized to show the impact on SIF design reliability. As a SIL-V or SIL verification software, users can select the desired safety integrity level (calculated with SIL-D or SIL determination capabilities) and SafeGuard Profiler will automatically calculate the required test interval, failure rate or partial stroke test coverage. No alternative system possesses this “on-the-fly” capability.

Build an SRS

Creating Safety Requirement Specifications (SRS) is easy with SafeGuard Profiler SRS software. SIFs and SRSs are generated in parallel within SafeGuard Profiler, minimizing effort and maximizing document accuracy.

Flexible Failure Rate Database

Safeguard Profiler includes a built-in database of failure rate data for sensors and final elements. Additional failure rate data can be created by the user or imported from a .csv file.

Analyze SIF Failure Modes

SafeGuard Profiler recalculates the reliability of a SIF for each individual component failure and allows for operational response plans to be created during the SIF analysis. Specific response plans to individual elements means a minimal disruption to production.

Pre-configured Reports:

  • SRS Report providing specifications for each SIF
  • SIF Design detailing voting structures and reliability for all SIF elements
  • Recommendations resulting from LOPA study
  • SIL Validation report indicating pass or fail of specifications
  • Failure Modes including contingency plans for each component failure


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