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Visualize Layer of Protection Effectiveness

SafeGuard Profiler software provides a clear and easy visualization of information that would traditionally be shown in complex spreadsheets or data tables. The system’s Bowtie design feature allows Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) participants to quickly recognize if the system has too many or too few safeguards, and identify optimization opportunities to reduce alarms, trips and interlocks. This permits the achievement of optimal safety configurations, saves company time and money, and provides the utmost confidence in system designs.

The LOPA graph distinctly shows whether or not the specified tolerable risk level is being met and how much additional protection would be required to ensure a safe facility.


Capture Knowledge & Create Contingency Plans

Safety systems fail and occasionally need to be bypassed, creating potential for high-risk situations. To help reduce some of this risk, SafeGuard Profiler software captures the knowledge of experienced operations and maintenance personnel to create best practice responses to hazardous situations. This knowledge is used to create contingency plans, which are included in standard SafeGuard Profiler reports, that seamlessly integrate with existing operations and maintenance documentation.

Import HAZOP Data

SafeGuard Profiler software enables the seamless and effortless import of HAZOP and risk study data from any .csv file – including PHA-ProTM – reducing effort and ensuring data integrity in the LOPA process. With SafeGuard Profiler you have the tools to complete a full risk analysis.

Bowtie visualization shows all the causes and consequences related to each hazardous event without being limited to single cause/consequence LOPA scenarios.

Pre-configured Reports:

  • LOPA scenarios including all safeguards and independent protection layers
  • HAZOP information including associated LOPA scenarios
  • Recommendations resulting from LOPA study
  • Contingency plans for each independent protection layer
  • Project summary showing all LOPA scenarios, layers of protection, independent protection layer PFDs and risk exposure for each safeguard failure



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