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SafeGuard Sentinel educates and equips organizations to understand their unique risks and prepare for potential hazardous scenarios

SafeGuard Sentinel reveals plant danger in real-time by continuously measuring, monitoring and alerting operations and management to process safety risks, simultaneously delivering executable contingency plans. By presenting real-time risk information and expert knowledge to those making operational decisions, SafeGuard Sentinel helps prevent incidents, safety infractions and unexpected outages.


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Making Safety Data

Sentinel Offers Comprehensive Solutions in Response to Identified Needs for Safety Improvements.

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Knowledge Capture
Contingency Plans

Captures risk events and operator actions for immediate visualization and future analysis.

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Benchmark Key Performance Indicators of Risk

Leading Indicators of Safety Performance
Influence Management Decisions.

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SafeGuard Profiler - Proven SIL Software

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ACM Facility Safety looks forward to the opportunity to demonstrate all of SafeGuard Sentinel’s abilities within the context of your business and in an environment where two-way communication can foster comprehensive understanding. Get in touch with us today to book a demo from our expert sales team.



United in the Quest for Facility Safety

SafeGuard Profiler and Sentinel were designed to work seamlessly together with Profiler acting as an analysis tool that speeds up and simplifies safety system engineering, before exporting data to Sentinel, which continuously measures, monitors and alerts personnel to process safety risks.

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About ACM

ACM Facility Safety is a thought leader in Risk Assessment Services, Education and Process Safety Software. We help the world’s largest operating and engineering companies improve facility uptime, manage process risk and comply with international safety standards.

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