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Functional Safety Engineering

Functional Safety Engineering

Whitepaper by our friends at Microwatt on the process behind a quantified and standards-based gas detection system design.

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Published May 27, 2015 by Microwatt under Functional Safety Engineering
The purpose of this article is to help on your decision making process when presented with the option of implementing ESD/PSD Valve Partial Stroke Testing.
Published August 25, 2014 by Guillermo Pacanins under Functional Safety Engineering

Processing plants contain many valves that perform safety functions that we hope need never be used in earnest. Such use means that something has gone wrong...

Published April 11, 2014 by Ken Bingham under Functional Safety Engineering

A Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) may be typically required to shut-off electrical equipment such as pump, compressor motors, etc., to protect or avoid unwanted dangerous events and reduce a specific risk to an acceptable level.

Published April 11, 2014 under Functional Safety Engineering

Operating companies can substantially increase their SIL (safety integrity level) loop rating if they adopt a rigorous maintenance and testing program on their valves.

Published April 11, 2014 under Functional Safety Engineering


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