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Using Bowtie in LOPA

Moving from HAZOP to LOPA with Safeguard Profiler

Published November 05, 2014 under Safeguard Profiler
Author: Patrick Fisher

A Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) is a method of putting numbers to HAZOP data to determine if a system is safe, has too many alarms and trips, or requires a SIL rated system. Come and learn how ACM and SafeGuard Profiler can build a bowtie to compress HAZOP information and perform an analysis that will save you operating money and operator hassle.

Join Patrick Fisher as he walks through how to move from a HAZOP to LOPA using SafeguardProfiler

Learn more about this exciting tool and its additional features including SIL Verification, Safety Requirement Specifications development and its relation to IEC61511 at

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Watch Video

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