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Using Bowtie in LOPA

A Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) is a method of putting numbers to HAZOP data to determine if a system is safe, has too many alarms and trips, or requires a SIL rated system. Come and learn how ACM and SafeGuard Profiler can build a bowtie to compress HAZOP information and perform an analysis that will save you operating money and operator hassle.

Published November 05, 2014 by Patrick Fisher under Safeguard Profiler

The Institute of Hazard Prevention founded by ACM Facility Safety, presents the two-day Inspire 2014 Conference on October 8- 9th, 2014 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at the Delta Calgary South Hotel.  The conference covers process safety, culture and technology and features papers, demonstrations and panel discussions covering safety topics including Shale Gas, Radon, MOC systems, PSM performance, safety culture and how to improve safety procedures in process plants.

Published September 15, 2014 by Angela Lemme under ACM News
The purpose of this article is to help on your decision making process when presented with the option of implementing ESD/PSD Valve Partial Stroke Testing.
Published August 25, 2014 by Guillermo Pacanins under Functional Safety Engineering

Many process plants have smart sensors, instruments, and valves installed as part of their safety systems. These smart field devices can provide a host of useful information to the safety system. Safety monitoring software helps make sense of the information from smart field devices by turning their raw data into actionable information.

Published August 13, 2014 by Guillermo Pacanins under SafeGuard Sentinel

SafeGuard Sentinel measures and monitors plant conditions, detects safety-related issues, alerts operators, and suggests contingency plans.

Published June 05, 2014 under ACM News


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