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F.S. ENG. SIS (TÜV Rheinland) Certification


F.S. ENG. SIS (TÜV Rheinland) Certification

Professional Development: 


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Four classroom or live remote training days, with 1/2 day exam providing 3.2 CEU (Continuing Education Units) or 32 PDH (Professional Development Hours). Includes course registration, course materials, exam, and a submission to TÜV (Rheinland)

Course Benefits: 

The TÜV (Rheinland) Functional Safety Training Program is the only worldwide extended vocational training program in the area of Functional Safety, where knowledge and competencies are evaluated by a neutral third party, and where certificates are issued.

TÜV (Rheinland) has institutionalized this training program in 2004 together with national and international companies like ACM Facility Safety, and experts of the Functional Safety field. As of today more than 14,000 engineers have participated in the various training topics, and have become a “Functional Safety Engineer TÜV (Rheinland)”.

Take advantage of this course, examination and certificate to prove to your clients, peers and management, your competency in the field of Functional Safety. Success in the final examination confirms your functional safety knowledge, adding a great value to your professional credentials and career.

Course Overview: 

The TÜV (Rheinland) Functional Safety Program supports engineers or any person working in the functional safety field. It supports the professional development of practitioners in the field of functional safety by incorporating the principles of REVISED IEC 61511:2016-2nd EDITION and other relevant international standards into a technical training course, designed to add depth of knowledge and understanding of the subject. The program, also, offers engineers who possess work experience in the field of functional safety the ability to obtain a certificate, demonstrating their expertise. For more information, refer to

ACM’s TÜV (Rheinland) Functional Safety Engineering training course within the TÜV (Rheinland) Functional Safety Program has been reviewed and accepted by TÜV (Rheinland) Industrie Service GmbH - Automation, Software and Information Technology (ASI). 

Who Should Attend: 

This course is well suited to engineers and technologists who aim to follow the best engineering practices with regard to the application of Safety Instrumented Systems in the process industry, including:

  • Risk professionals responsible for establishing corporate tolerable risk targets
  • Managers / Team Leaders responsible for determining SIS design standards
  • Engineers and technicians responsible for ensuring that SIS have been designed to appropriately mitigate the level of risk identified
  • Project Managers who need to understand the concepts and principles of IEC 61508 & 61511
  • Engineers involved in any aspect of the SIS Safety Lifecycle.


Course Outline: 


  • Overview of TÜV (Rheinland) Program
  • Why are we here?
  • Introduction to Safety Instrumented Systems
  • Overview of REVISED IEC 61511:2016-2nd EDITION Standard more depth
  • Phase 10 - Management of Functional Safety
  • Phase 1 - Hazard & Risk Analysis
  • Phase 2 - Allocation of Safety Functions to Protection Layers

DAY 2 

  • Phase 3 - Safety Requirements Specification
  • SIL Determination Methods (more depth):
    • Fault Tree
    • Safety Layer Matrix
    • Calibrated Risk Graph
    • LOPA

DAY 3 

  • Phase 4 - SIS Design & Engineering (more depth)


  • Phase 5 - Installation, Commissioning & Validation
  • Phase 6 - Operation & Maintenance
  • Phase 7 - Modification
  • Phase 8 - Decommissioning
  • Activity 9 - Verification
  • Activity 10 - Assessment & Auditing
  • Activity 11 - SLC Structure & Planning


  • Morning – 4.5 hr exam


A passing mark of 75% is required on the Final Exam. Students must bring a complete, unmarked copy of the full REVISED IEC 61511:2016-2nd EDITION- Functional safety - Safety instrumented systems for the process industry sector standard to the course. It is the only reference material allowed into the exam. The standard is readily available from various sources, including the ISA web site

The ACM Experience: 

Our courses and workshops are experiential, interactive and provide participant’s with practical knowledge and tools that can be immediately applied back at work.

Course Testimonials: 

Here are a few quotes from over 3,300 participants we’ve trained;

“Brilliant teacher, very knowledgeable, real expert in functional safety.”

“The instructor's approach is very natural and lends to easy understanding and keeps participants engaged.”

“The course is very well prepared and delivered. The instructor has great command in communicating the knowledge and his experiences to the audience.”

“The instructor was excellent. He knew the subject well and did a great job of presenting it and relating it to industry.”

Course Instructors: 
Upcoming Course Dates: 

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This course may be eligible for reimbursement under the

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This course can also be incorporated as part of a Tailored Private day of training

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