Introduction to SIL/SIS for Operations and Maintenance Technicians

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Introduction to SIL/SIS for Operations and Maintenance Technicians

Introduction to SIL/SIS for Operations and Maintenance Technicians


Institute of Hazard Prevention


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2 Days


This 2-day workshop objective is to give Operations and Maintenance Technicians an understanding of “Functional Safety”, and the relationship of Safety Instrumented System (SIS) with respect to process and operational related hazards. The course introduces the concepts and definitions related with Process Hazards, Risk Analysis, Safety Instrumented Systems, and Functional Safety Management. It will provide some details on maintaining Safety Instrumented Systems and Safety Instrumented Functions in accordance with IEC 61511 standards and encapsulate the concepts of Safety Integrity Level with a hands-on workshop on the afternoon of day-2.
·         SIL Determination, Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA)
·         What are SIL / SIS?
·         Review of Company specific SIF’s (including P&ID’s)
·         How do we go about changing the SIS?
·         Why do we need to proof test and what is required?
·         What records are needed for change, testing, etc.?
·         What engineering processes are needed to conform to IEC61511?
·         What operations processes (e.g. MOC/Impairment) are needed?
·         How is the system audited?
·         Installation and Commissioning
·         Operations and Maintenance

This course can also be incorporated as part of a Tailored Private day of training

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