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29 November
Introduction to PHA / HAZOP


Institute of Hazard Prevention

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Do you understand the Fundamentals of the Safety Lifecycle ? Take the course November 14-15, 2018

Published November 06, 2018 under ACM News


If your role involves understanding the safety in facilities from Concept to Operation to Decommissioning you need to take this course!



“Great course! The instructor made the course very enjoyable. With their wealth of knowledge and experience they could answer all of the questions, as well as provide a real life situation in which it applied.”

New Grad EIT

“Great course content, coverage and length. Superb instructor who presented material as it applies to real world scenarios.”

I&C Engineer


Fundamentals of the Safety Lifecycle
November 14-15, 2018

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In this fundamental course you will learn:

✔ Experience the Safety Lifecycle, starting from the conceptual phase of a project right through to operations

✔ Learn how to capture and present risk at your facility

✔ Find out what happens with all your PHA or Risk Assessment Data

✔ Find out how operations and maintenance people know how to manage risk on a daily basis

✔ Find out how to ensure nothing is missed or forgotten, so you can prevent hazardous scenarios from occurring

Why ACM?

  • ACM is serious about making the world a safer place through training 
  • Guide your company to safety 
  • Ensure your colleagues get home safely 
  • Oversee all aspects of Process Safety Management 
  • Ensure potential risks are identified and addressed appropriately 
  • Improve the quality of your risk assessments and PHA's 
  • Improve operations discipline 
  • Improve mechanical integrity 

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