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Are you applying IEC Standards for I&C and Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)? Could you be liable? Join us April 19, 2018 to find out.

Published April 11, 2018 under ACM News

F.S. ENG. New Update of SIS IEC 61511:2016, ED. 2
April 19, 2018
Calgary, AB

Instrument & Controls (I&C) accounts for 65% of total plant risk reduction and can easily be a threat when improperly designed for Risk Reduction. A failed sequence of switching valves could be significant, a miss-ranged transmitter could be disastrous, an auto valve left in manual could be very bad. The complexity of understanding which I&C safeguards are the most critical and which is the #1 safeguard for this process unit is vital.

The IEC standards level the playing field for plants applying I&C and Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS).

The standards give guidance on how does one design a Safety Instrumented System? How and who can maintain these systems? How can changes be managed? And finally how to decommission the SIS? T

This informative one-day session is designed to summarize and highlight the changes within Edition 2 of IEC 61511:2016. Stay up to date with the new standard IEC 61511:2016 ED. 2.


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