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Guillermo Pacanins

B.Sc. Elec. Eng., P. Eng., TÜV (Rheinland) F.S. Senior Expert / Instructor

Mr. Guillermo Pacanins is an Electrical Engineer with over 27 years of experience with knowledge in Process Controls and Functional Safety in the process industry. He has taught several courses in Process Automation to some of the largest companies in the world. With Mr. Guillermo’s excellent communication and leadership skills, combined with his in-depth understanding of Process Safety Engineering makes him a successful functional safety analyst/educator. Guillermo is a TÜV Functional Safety Senior Expert and teaches several functional safety workshops globally for ACM. Also, Guillermo has a Process Safety Practice Certificate from Texas A&M University, Mary Kay O’Connor Center for Process Safety.


"Instructor did an excellent job of explaining the content and keeping attendants engaged."

"Good knowledge, engage participation, shows many good examples."

"Instructor was clear & concise in his delivery of the course material and information. His real life experiences added to and complemented the course content."

"Very knowledgeable; kept us engaged, and delivery was great."

"Very knowledgeable. I appreciated the times we had discussions that may have been a little outside the course material."

"There were an abundance of 'gems' in this course."

"Thorough knowledge, engaged delivery and discussion with class."

"Passionate, knowledgeable, real world application to provide examples of PSM."

"Very knowledgeable. I've taken many courses with Guillermo in the past. Always excellent."

"Very good, he asked good questions to drive us to think and come up with the solutions."

"The instructor is very knowledgeable and is always willing to teach and give guidance."

"Excellent throughout. Lots of practical experience & enthusiasm related to subject. Pleasure to work with."

"Very knowledgeable and personable. The course was interesting and engaging."

"Enthusiastic when teaching. Always open to questions (and we had lots). Extremely knowledgeable!"

"Perfect. I learned a lot in this course. Especially with real industry examples explained based on his deep knowledge and experience."

"Great delivery and good discussions."

"Very knowledgeable, easy to understand, great examples."

"Very knowledgeable and engaged; delivery was very thorough."

"Excellent - I was very impressed with his knowledge & the delivery. He was willing to answer questions and generate discussions."

"Very good pace for such a broad topic. Very knowledgeable."

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