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F.S. ENG. New Update of SIS-IEC 61511 ED. 2


F.S. ENG. New Update of SIS-IEC 61511 ED. 2

Professional Development: 

One classroom day providing ACM Facility Safety attendance diploma to use as indication of current up to date knowledge concerning Functional Safety standard for Safety Instrumented Systems, IEC 61511:2016, Ed. 2

Course Benefits: 

This training course will provide participants with the ability to understand the implications and changes to the IEC 61511 international standard. Offers F.S. Engineers, maintenance personnel, operations, and supervisors the important information in the new standard IEC 61511:2016, Ed. 2; thereby increasing their expertise. It will also provide engineers dealing with Management of Change the ability to speak the same language as the operators of the facilities.

Course Overview: 

The informative one day session is designed to summarize and highlight the changes within Edition 2 of IEC 61511:2016. The session offers F.S. Engineers, or industry practitioners, who additionally possess significant work experience in the field of functional safety, the ability to keep updated with the new standard IEC 61511:2016, Ed. 2 increasing their expertise.

Modifications to IEC 61511, 2nd edition, include:

  • Digital (cyber) security
  • Regular functional safety audits (FSA)
  • Competency requirements
  • Requirements for safety requirement specifications (SRS)
  • Process safety time (PST)
  • Specific requirements added for managing a SIF
  • More emphasis that failure rates used during the reliability calculations
  • Systematic and random failures
  • Safety Manuals
Who Should Attend: 

This session is well suited to engineers and technologists who aim to follow the best engineering practices with regard to the application of Safety Instrumented Systems in the process industry, including:

  • Risk professionals responsible for establishing corporate tolerable risk targets
  • Managers / Team Leaders responsible for determining SIS design standards
  • Engineers and technicians responsible for ensuring that SIS have been designed to appropriately mitigate the level of risk identified
  • Project Managers who need to understand the concepts and principles of IEC 61508 & 61511
  • Engineers involved in any aspect of the SIS Safety Lifecycle
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers, OEMs, such as manufacturers for Boilers, Compressors, Furnaces, Burner systems, Flare systems, etc.
Course Outline: 

The session main scope is as follows:

DAY 1 


  • Overview of International Electro technical Commission, IEC.
  • Introduction and overview of the Safety Instrumented Systems Standard IEC 61511
  • Differences between the 1st and 2nd editions of IEC 61511


  • SIF mode of operation
  • New requirements for Functional Safety Management, FSM
  • New requirements for Functional Safety Assessments, FSA
  • More detailed requirements for SIS verification activities
  • New requirements for security risk assessment
  • New BPCS considerations
  • Additional requirements for SIF bypasses
  • New documentation requirement the “Safety Manual”
  • New requirements for hardware fault tolerance, HFT. (SFF)
  • Requirements for better substantiation of the failure rate data
  • “Prior Use” defined and new requirements – Systematic integrity – “Proven in Use”
  • Proof testing of SIF clarified
  • New requirements for systematic capability, SC, systematic integrity
  • New requirements for formal procedures to manage competence
  • Other generic topics
The ACM Experience: 

Our courses and workshops are experiential, interactive and provide participant’s with practical knowledge and tools that can be immediately applied back at work.

Upcoming Course Dates: 

This course is not currently open for public enrollment. Contact for private training deliveries.


Private cohort training can be arranged by request, please contact or call 403.264.9637 for more details.


This course can also be incorporated as part of a Tailored Private day of training

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