Fundamentals of Hazard Identification and Practical Risk Assessment

10 July
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Institute of Hazard Prevention

Fundamentals of Hazard Identification and Practical Risk Assessment


Guillermo Pacanins

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August 15-16, 2016 - Registration Full 


2 Days


We are subject to potentially hazardous situations every day. Often the consequences of these hazards are not severe or they are presented in a form we are familiar with and therefore, are able to effectively cope with the situation. In context, the ability to recognize hazards, assess their potential severity and place controls to mitigate the severity is fundamental to a safety design and workplace. By understanding the basic types of hazards, participants will be able to conduct effective workplace hazard assessments and develop safeguards/controls to reduce or eliminate their severity. Common process hazards will be examined in detail. Participants will understand the difference between a hazard and a risk, the components of risk and provide a sound fundamental base for future Process Hazard Analysis learning. You will learn how to determine probability, the importance of the "As Low As Reasonably Possible" concepts and various risk assessment methodologies.

•Anyone who works in close proximity to hazardous processes such as Operations and Maintenance Personnel, Supervisors, Engineers and Safety Professionals
•Anyone who requires a sound understanding of risk and risk management
•Anyone who wishes to increase their hazard awareness
•The Hazard Management Model
•Natural Hazards
•Conflict Based Hazards
•Technological Hazards
•Safety Hazards
•Fire and Explosion Hazards
•Tools for Hazard Identification
•Evaluating Hazards
•Risk Assessment Concepts
•The Risk Analysis Process
•Determining Probability
•Analysing Consequences
•Risk Acceptability/Tolerability
•Risk Assessment Methodologies
•Comparison of Techniques

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